Webinaire 8 décembre 2021; @ 09:30 GMT+1; durée 30 minutes

Advancing AI ethics beyond compliance

IBM Benelux

Advancing AI ethics beyond compliance

Advancing AI ethics beyond compliance
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What is most important in ethically harnessing the power of AI? Who is responsible for helping ensure that ethics are integrated into AI, within corporations and outside? 
And how can society best use AI for good? How organizations can proactive address these issues and take meaningful action to also shape their competitive future – and make AI more trustworthy and, hopefully, more trusted?

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8 décembre 2021

09:30 GMT+1

durée 30 minutes

A propos de l'orateur

Data Science

Erika Agostinelli

Data Scientis and AI consultant, IBM Benelux

Erika Agostinelli is a Data Scientist & AI Consultant, part of the Data Science and AI Elite team at IBM. She works across a range of industries, facilitating customers in their journey to AI: from leading projects, identifying key opportunities to writing code, she focuses predominantly on open-source implementation. She is actively involved in supporting Women in Data Science through mentoring. One of her main focuses at the moment is AI Ethics and its implication in real-life solutions.

Erika Agostinelli

Vincent Nelis

Manager and Senior Data Scientist in the Data Science & AI Elite Team at IBM

Ph.D. in Computer Science and specialized in AI, Vincent Nelis helps companies in EMEA and across all industries modernize their applications and infrastructures by designing, building, deploying, and integrating new data pipelines. Our team strongly focuses on demonstrating the business value of our solutions and help our clients move forwards with their data-driven strategies.






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