20/10/20 - 20/10/20 - 21/10/20 - 22/10/20 - 22/10/20; 5 Webinaires, 180 minutes

AI Convention Europe


AI Convention Europe



AI Convention Europe

Maryse Colson

Eura Nova

My job is to ensure a common culture inside EURA NOVA, and a common language outside EURA NOVA. With a team of amazingly gifted people, I work on topics like communication support, conferences, social networks, corporate culture, etc.
I make EURA NOVA meets passionate people extra muros.

Sara Ibrahim

TIMGlobal Media

I am an Editor and Journalist of B2B publications in English with 5 years of experience, active in Paris / pan-European area.
Main domains: B2B: Latest Technologies, Automation, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Industrial Communication, Energy Efficiency, Business, European Regulations, Sustainability.



PEI est la référence francophone pour l'actualité industrielle et les nouveaux produits.

Orhan Erenberk


Sara Ibrahim

Field Editor

Tiya Mindombe

Sales and Marketing Supervisor

Anis Zenadji